Thursday, 28 November 2013

Hot Mamas is rocking Black Friday!

Ok Guys, stuck for a christmas present for the Lady in your life? I guarantee you will not go wrong with this, infact I know she will thank  you for it! Unfortunately us girls struggle to see our true beauty, we'll often say I'd love to lose weight or drop a few dress sizes, but enough already!

Help them see their true beauty. Just as you do, everyday. So heres my plan to help you, help her, to feel a million dollars!

Have you heard the saying, Clothes are a girls best friend? Well it's true my friend! Whilst joggers and a hoody are comfy and cosy, a well fitted dress and gorgeous shoes will make her feel like she is ready to take on the world! Thats not so hard right, plus if your worried you'll get it wrong you can always keep the reciepts! Once you have that sorted, then put your feet up  and leave the rest to us... We have a special day planned where she  will be pampered and made to feel like the beauty she is. 

To start off she will spend time with a hair stylist, Zipporah, who worked at Toni and Guy. Followed by a Make-up artist, Kate from Young at Heart, Mobile beauty. Then we will either have an inside or outside shoot with Amy (weather dependant)where she can really rock it out and then some wind down time with our beautician. All the time being offered some heavenly drinks and appetizing refreshments.

and when is this, i hear you say...

* 17th January 2014 *

It really couldn't be easier to create create christmas surprise!

Heres some testimonials from some Hot Mamas....

"I had such a lovely time with Amy for the Mamas shoot. It was to pamper Mamas and soon-to-be Mamas and to make them feel of worth and beautiful, and I sure felt that way! As soon as I walked through the door I was immediately 'pampered', with a drink, strawberries and chocolates. Then had my hair done and a hand/arm massage. I felt like a Queen! Amy is such a natural with the camera. I felt very comfortable 'posing' for her. It was so hard choosing the final photos as every single one was so beautiful."

"I had some genuine fun while doing the shoot; it was so easy to do. The outcome was pretty magical too. I have never had so many compliments on Facebook ever. There were some pretty cool pictures for so little work, on my behalf anyway."

"hot mamas shot, well i thought i want to be a hot mama but didnt have the confidence to have pictures as i avoid the camera all the time. i love the pictures i had done and when ever im not feeling confident the pictures remind me to wear myself with conviction."

"I had such an amazing time on the photo shoots with Amy, there is a real feeling of escapism and thril throughout the whole shoot and damn she is good at photo shop so if you feel that it's not worth going to a photo shoot, well let me just say that Amy has worked some miracles for me;)"

So whats holding you back? Black friday price for this exprience is £45 thats a whopping £50 off of the original price! Plus it doesn't stop there. You can also purchase all the edited images in colour and black and white as well as the internet ready images for an additional £45.
All the moments of this treasured day safely captured and saved on a sparkly usb memory stick, the strawberry on top of the cake!  

Spaces are limited and will be reduced for one week, so act now! She'll love it!

Hot Mamas does Black Friday

Got a question? ask me now. :)

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